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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 22:22:39 teen sex pictures porn -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: Regret Pt.2Same rules as for part goat fucking teen porn 1. Regret Part 2 -- Nat's SurpriseFour years later on his sixteenth birthday Nat sat down with his parents after his party for a serious talk."Mum, Dad, you aren't going to like what I have to say, but know that I am not going to hang myself, because I porn teen movies don't think I am evil. Jamie was going to follow a life style that you couldn't understand Mum and I'm going to do the same. I realised a couple of years ago that I was the same as my brother but it didn't matter at the time, but now I have a boyfriend and I'm not going to hide it. If you don't want me in this house, young xxx black teens just say so and I'll pack my things and go."Alan was so proud of the mature and confidant way Nat had delivered this bombshell and 18 years teen porn realised he didn't give a fig. This son was as hawaii teen porn precious as his eldest son had been, maybe even more so as he was now the only one left, and he would love him to all eternity. He would grieve a little because he knew Nat's life would not be easy and he would not see his name carried on by a son from Nat's loins, but that wasn't all that important to him he realised.Pat started to bluster that he could be changed or he was too young to know and Alan saw red. He grabbed her arm and propelled her into the kitchen closing the door after telling Nat to sit where he was."I lost my eldest son because of your bigoted attitude and that of legal teen porn blogs fucked teen porn your Rasputin, mom teen fuck I'm not losing teen nude art portal this one. You change your attitude or get out."Pat was shattered at her husband's aggression and retaliated with curses saying filipino teen porn pics Nat would join his elder brother in hell."No Pat, hell is where you will go if you drive that boy to big tited teens suicide but you needn't worry, I'm not going to allow that."With that he teen porn modles returned to his son."Well Son that came as a bit of a shock. So when are we going to meet this young man of yours?"Nathan beamed, he had grown strong because of his love for Jamie. `I'm going to teen young xxx nudist live for both of us Jamie,' was his thought when they fulllength teen porn buried Jamie and that was exactly what he had done.For four years he had turned in brilliant academic work and performed like a pro on the sports field and athletic tracks. Any praise he earned was always replied to with the comment, `that's for Jamie'."It's Jesse, Dad, the boy in my class that I hang with all the time."Alan magic teen porn was pleased, he knew the boy and his parents."Do Jesse's parents know that he's teen tit ass gay?""He's telling them tonight Dad when he gets home from my party that was our pact."Without his son seeing it Alan crossed his fingers and hoped there wouldn't be any fireworksAlmost on cue the telephone rang. Pat picked it up and a few minutes later walked in to tell her drity teen porn husband."Jesse's parents are on their sapphic lesbian teens way over, they want to talk to us. What's this all about Alan?""Jesse is Nat's boyfriend and they made the pact to tell both parents today so I guess they want to farm teen porn talk about it. Did teen sample porn videos they sound accepting or angry about it?""A bit neutral I think. I didn't pick up any animosity.""Well you won't show any either. I suggest you leave most of the talking to me."Pat was feeling very resentful but she knew Alan would brook no interference on this. teen girl anal What she didn't know was that since Jamie's death he had learned an awful lot about homosexuality, even down to the nitty gritty of free hairy teen porn what they did together of a sexual no membership teen porn nature. It didn't fill teen porn tgp free him teens tits and ass free redheaded teen porn with joy that's for sure, but he knew enough to advise his son about being safe.Tom and Anna Bright lesbian movies teen were a pleasant couple. Alan knew Tom quite well from business but was only a nodding acquaintance to Anna."Come in, we're teen models nude all in the net teen porn listngs lounge."Alan looked at Jesse to see if he agressive teen porn could gauge his parents reaction. He looked ok, no tear stained face so teen fuck porn hopefully this was going to be an easy meeting.Tom started it off."I presume you know why we are here Alan," looking pointedly at the two boys who were sat close together on a couch."Yes Tom, Nat told us of the boys pact. How do you and Anna feel about it?""Not over the moon, but he's our son, we are going to support him in every way we can.""But it's a sin against God's teachings," Pat blurted out."That's enough Pat, that preacher poisoned your mind and cost us a free teen lesbain porn son, you will not cost me another one."Tom and Anna were quite shocked at the ferocity of Alan's words."I'm sorry Tom and Anna. You know my eldest son was black gay teens gay and couldn't handle it because of that evil man from the church."Tom and Anna were well aware of what happened four years free teen fuck movies ago. Alan was notorious for a while."Nat has my teen porn thumbs support as well. This is not an easy road they have chosen but I have done a lot of reading on the subject since Jamie died just in case lightning struck twice. I love my son with all my heart, he knows he has my support free naked teen ******** and we'll get through this as a family. I know Chrissie is only fourteen but we early teen nudes will tell her tomorrow and I know she will accept it as well. Who else the boys tell is up to them but I will have a long chat with them first, with your permission.""It sounds to me like you might teen ass free be the best qualified to do it Alan so go ahead, I'd like to know what you tell them so that I'm with the programme."Nat and Jesse looked pleased as they said goodnight to each free teen porn uncensored bathing beauties teen porn other again just touching hands that was real underage teen porn all that was needed, their eyes said everything else.Pat made it quite clear that she wasn't sure she wanted Alan in the same bed as her, so with no argument he went nude native american teens to the guest bedroom quite prepared to make this a permanent arrangement if necessary. His children were his main concern now not Pat's bigoted thinking. He had no doubt that if she didn't free teen punk porn change he would curvy teen porn end up a single parent but he swore to himself his children would remain with him no best teen porn videos matter what.The day after the revelation Alan told Nat he would like to see him and Jesse after school. Nat was quite happy, he guessed it was for the obligatory father son talk, only two lips pussy teen he knew they wouldn't be young teen porn piss talking any birds and bees rubbish.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The boys looked suitably serious as they sat down in the lounge with Alan that day after school. Inside both were quite excited and amused at the thought of a lecture on gay loving from Nat's dad. What hairy teen porn a shock they got when Alan started, no fumbling embarrassed lecture. Knowledgeable and to the point free teens sluts was how it was delivered."Ok boys before I start cheerleader teen porn the lecture, a couple of questions. I presume you have already indulged in some kind of sexual exploration, teen porn under 17 correct."Nat dropped his eyes and mumbled, "Yes Dad.""I know this will be newleafs teen porn embarrassing Son, but will you tell me teen blowjob galleries how far the exploration has gone?"Poor Nat, he blushed teen boy porn movie scarlet with embarrassment."Dad, do I have to?" was delivered in shocked surprise."I free porn teen vide think so gay teen porn games Son, otherwise I won't know what teen porn video clip to tell you.""We've kissed, and played with each other, but that's all.""Well done Son. Are you both virgins?"The blush got deeper."Yes Dad, we don't fool around and don't intend to, we do love each other.""I'm pleased to hear that. Well, banned young teen porn I have no doubt your exploration will continue to the big two, sucking and anal intercourse. I want you to think very carefully before indulging in the latter one. You can't come to much harm with blowjobs even if you swallow each other's love juice, but unless you are both 100% sure you lesbian wet teen porn are disease free you should wear condoms before indulging in the anal side. If/when you do, make sure you are opened up and use lots of lubricant or you will hurt each other. I won't go into detail but here is teen facials porn a list teen porn pussy of web sites where you can get informed details, not the sleazy stuff."He passed Nat a type written paper with young teen naked porn a list yougest teen porn of URLs. on it.Both boys were almost speechless that Alan appeared so knowing about what they wanted teen model nude to teen porn games online do. They also rather teen gay porn videos liked the fact that Alan had called their emissions, `love juice' and not cum."I won't embarrass you anymore, I just want you to know that you can come to me anytime you have questions, in fact I want you to. I will be happier knowing you are getting problems solved by someone that loves you rather than the play ground misinformation or dirty old men's interpretation. Lastly, I want you to be careful about where illegal teen porn stars you show affection to each other, and definitely where you indulge in sexual activity. I can't pretend I'm pleased with the route you are taking Nat but I would sooner you made love to each other in your bedroom rather than view personal teen porn in places where you might be seen. I will respect your privacy, just don't throw it in my face. young teen porn megarotic Have you any questions?"The boys looked at each other and shook teen prostitute porn their heads.Nat got up and free xxx teen videos walked to his dad, grabbing him in a big hug."Thanks Dad, I love you."Alan smiled and kissed his son on the forehead, told him he was loved as well and then patted his bottom as teen gay porn com he said."Off you go then teen fuck free porn hardcore teen porn xxx and get your assignments done."Pat heard the boys talking about the talk with Alan and realised they had been given the all clear to indulge in unspeakable practices in this house.The following morning Alan was determined that things should appear as normal as possible. Nat was happy, but a little wary around his mother causing Chrissie to give him some odd looks."What time virgin teen pussy will you be home from school today Chrissie?""Oh, about four Dad, why?""I'll be home about the same time, I'd like to have a chat to you. Don't worry, hadcore teen porn sluts you haven't done anything wrong."He grinned, he knew his daughter was a teen asian porn water bit of a hellion, but nothing nasty, just mischievous.Pat wanted to tell Nat that he and Jesse couldn't be alone together but was afraid of Alan's reaction so she just bit her tongue until the kids left for school."I don't want those boys alone in Nathan's bedroom Alan."No explanation corrupted teen porn was necessary, it hung between them like a spectre."I don't teen nude art either particularly, but I'm not going to stop it because they are not going to be made to feel like criminals in this house."The tone of voice brooked no argument.After school that day Chrissie sat true teen porn with Tom as he told her Nat was gay, that she was not to say anything to teen nude dreams greek porn teen anyone outside the house and that if she couldn't support Nat she was at least not to make him feel bad about his sexual preference. She was a modern miss and thought it was cool, particularly as she thought Jesse was hot."Not fare Nat, Jesse is so dishy ketrin nude teen nubiles and you have him," was her comment to Nat that evening when they were alone.She was grinning as she said it and Nat hugged her."Thanks Chrissie, I don't know what I would have done if you had the same attitude as Mum.""No chance," was her quick response.Chrissie loved Nat and was pleased black hair teen porn their father was laid back about it. The thought of her mother getting involved and possibly driving Nat to do the same as Jamie made her shudder. Her other thought was how exciting it would be to watch them make love. She knew teen sex camp in principal what gay men did, the anal bit made her blanch a little but she would still love to watch it and wondered who did what to whom between her brother and Jesse. Little minx that she was she started working on a way lesbian teen porn galleries to achieve her wish.Alan almost rode shot gun for Nat whenever he was near his mother. He would not allow Pat any chance to make him early teen nude feel bad. Mother and son free teen porn directrory grew further apart as the months passed, soon to be joined by Chrissie who, as a modern miss thought Nat being gay and Jesse being his lover was quite cool. Alan and Pat continued to sleep in separate rooms and the children very interracial anal teen teens soon realised this household was ready to blast apart.The tension in sexy teen porn model the house built and Pat foriegn teen porn felt more and more isolated and helpless to do anything about it. The teen latina sex children grew away from her, Chrissie supporting Nat and both of them using teen porn mpeg samples their father as a block against her interfering. It all came to a pocatello teen porn head when Chrissie louisianna teen porn quite deliberately told her mother one day that she thought Nat and Jesse were two cool dudes for loving each other.That comment was enough for Pat. She waited until porn, teen parties everyone else had gone to school or work and then teen nerd porn pics packed all of her personal things and went to her mother's.She telephoned 8 teen porn Alan that night and told him she wanted a divorce and the children."You can have your divorce Pat, but hell will freeze over before I give up the children."The battle was long and figuratively speaking, bloody, but in the end Alan had his freedom and the children were with him. At fifteen and seventeen, by the time it got to court, the judge decided the children's free teen sex pic wishes should hold sway.
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